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The first device spare parts markeptlace in the MENA 

Get Devices Spare Parts Without Waiting

Get all the parts you need to fix any mobile device and promote your repair service business backed by our experts to deliver original parts 

iPhones & Samsung

iPads & Smart Watches

Macbooks & iMacs


Save Time to Find Original Parts With Best Prices 

Time is the main asset in your growth. The more you waste in finding the best parts in the market to fix devices, the more you find it challenging to grow. For that, we are here to become your operation partners


Our platform is created by operation and repair specialists who dedicate time and knowledge to help you grow your repair business by providing the spare parts for any device


Get unavailable device parts from our international offices


OEM parts guaranteed by authorized experts


Delivered anywhere in Egypt with 24/7 support


The Device Parts and Tools Marketplace for Every Industry in the MENA

Repair and Tech Businesses

Support your repair business with a perpetual supply channel of spare parts. Having available items in rush seasons differentiate you from competitors 

Non-Profit Organisations

We provide rigorous customised programs for employees to repair devices in NGOs. Our satisfied trainees get also special discounts for NGOs to be a part of their impactful journey

Education Organisations

As a part of change lives, we give special prices for education entities. Get a dedicated customer services for your IT department with 24/7 availability. Prices of spare parts and tools are given based on quantity


The Device Parts and Tools Marketplace for Every Industry in the MENA

Spare Parts and Tools Sourcing

Get original parts for iPhones, iPads and Macbooks with the best prices in Egypt. We deliver your order from our international suppliers to your doorsteps

Research & Development in Repair

Grow and market confidentially your business by having an R&D team of specialists. Get exclusive data about the repair market in Egypt and the MENA region

Hardware & Software Training

Train your employees with exclusive workshops created by authorised experts. Our Education team create trainings based on your business requirements 

Customer Service Installation

Setup your workforce and scale your business with a customer service department. We handle the logistics, operations, and even the interior design of your space


Become A Technician Who Can Start Now

Get trained by the top smartphone specialists in the region. You will enroll in an extensive training by Mezatech trainers who are authorised experts. With up-to-date gadgets and curriculum and rigorous practice, you will be a technician who can diagnose, test and fix any smartphone  


Learn to be a technician without prior knowledge


Get the repair repertoire to become one of the top technicians in the MENA region


Get the frameworks, strategies and gadgets you need to start your repair service business

Research an Development

Our Mezatech technicians undergo extensive programs and research to experiment newly launched models in order to turn complex outcomes to simple form of knowledge

From 0 to Hero

Our content to give everyone basic knowledge so they know more about their devices. To become a technician, we will help to achieve your goal by joining you with our team

Workshops for Organisations

We share our exclusive data about up-to-date models with companies that aim to train their employees. We provide the market data that can help to be aware of challenges

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No matter how significant your order is, we will deliver your gadgets, tools and spare parts to your office. Once you order, we will dedicate our team to reach our suppliers from all over the world so, you can rely on sustainable supply chain for your business 

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